Santa Barbara, California
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Scents & Soy

Over here at One Last Glass, if there's one thing we've learned, it's, no matter how nice a candle looks, if the smell is not your customers 'thing', then it's not going home with them!
Whether the preference is more Citrus or Sweet, you can be sure that all of the Oils we use are 100% Botanical and smell incredible!
We also use 100% Soy Wax from soy beans grown in the USA!
Soy wax burns longer (by 50%) and much cleaner than paraffin wax, which means our candle wax has no toxins, pollutants or carcinogens.
Below, are some of our most popular scents....Have fun with the ample choices and if for some reason, you don't see what you like, or want a unique blend, just let us know! We WILL make it happen!!

EXOTIC SCENTS                              SWEETER SCENTS                      NATURE SCENTS


Orange & Chili Pepper                       French Vanilla Bean                        Garden Rose

Egyptian Amber                                 Hazelnut & Coffee                           Hydrangea

Mint Mojito                                         Organic Cinnamon                          Basil & Herb

Sea Salt & Orchid                               Strudel & Spice                               White Sage

Grapefruit & Guava                             Buttered Rum                                 Organic Lavender

Pineapple & Sage                               Island Coconut                               Citrus & Mandarin           

Fig & Rhubarb                                    Apples & Maple Bacon                   Cucumber Mint

                                                           Mulled Cider                                    Green Tea & Lemon

                                                           Black Cherry                                    Wildflowers & Sage

                                                           Lemon Pound Cake                         Organic Rosemary

                                                           Organic Strawberry


Of course we also offer UNSCENTED as well.